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Animal experiment platform

2020-05-18 08:42:49 110


The animal experiment platform has standard SPF barrier facilities for large and small mice, rabbits, dogs, Bama mini pigs and other large animal drug efficacy evaluation centers, and has obtained SYXK. This platform is equipped with a water labyrinth laboratory, patch clamp room and functional laboratory.

This platform mainly provides support for animal physiology and pathophysiology of rats, mice, rabbits, beagles, pigs, etc., and can provide various animal modeling services.

The research work of this platform includes: record the electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram of rats and mice, the measurement of vascular tone, the test of spatial learning and memory ability of rats and mice, the study of ion channels in cells and brain slices, etc.

Main instruments: Morris water maze system, Leica VT1200S automatic vibration slicer, Molecular Devices MultiClamp700B resistance feedback patch clamp, high-speed current clamp amplifier, p-1000 microelectrode puller, eight-channel data acquisition system, etc. .