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Pathology Experiment Platform

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The pathology experiment platform has a variety of equipment such as frozen slicer, paraffin slicer, paraffin embedding machine, automatic dehydrator, spreader, upright fluorescence microscope, inverted fluorescence microscope, pathology slice scanner, image analysis system and so on.

The pathology experiment platform is equipped with a morphology laboratory and microscope observation system, which mainly provides support for human and animal tissue and cell morphology research.

The research work of this platform includes: paraffin section, frozen section, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, histochemical staining (such as HE staining, blood smear staining), etc., also can be used for image observation and collection, quantitative analysis of various staining markers.

Main instruments:

image.png   image.png

                         全自动脱水机                                                              包埋仪

image.png      image.png    image.png

         石蜡切片机                                        冰冻切片机                         全自动生化分析仪

image.png     image.png

                         酶标仪                                                         成像系统