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cells experimental platform

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The cell experiment platform has an independent sterile cell culture room, equipped with biological safety cabinets, ultra-clean workbench, three gas cell incubator, fluorescence microscope, flow cytometry and other infrastructure. There are experienced experimenters whom could provide a series of services such as cell culture, morphological observation, and fluorescence observation. It mainly provides support for cell biology experiments such as cell culture of various genus.

At present, the cell experiment platform can carry out cell culture, primary cell separation, stem cell culture, cell passage, cell transfection. It can provide a series of experimental services such as cell proliferation detection, apoptosis detection, cell cycle detection, cell cloning, cell migration, cell invasion, cytochemical index detection and so on.

Main instruments:

image.png  image.png

                         细胞间                                                                      流式细胞仪      

image.png           image.png        

         荧光显微镜                                   CO2培养箱