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Molecular Experiment Platform

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Molecular Experiment Platform:

The molecular experiment platform has ordinary PCR instruments, gradient PCR instruments, fluorescence real-time quantitative PCR instruments, gel imaging system, chemiluminescent gel imaging system, nucleic acid purification instruments, ultra-micro UV-visible spectrophotometer, molecular hybridization box, full-wavelength enzyme Standard equipments, constant temperature incubator, ice machine and other equipments.

The molecular experiment platform mainly provides technical and equipment for the research of the morphology, structure and function of nucleic acids, proteins and other biological macromolecules.

The research work of this platform includes: nucleic acid and protein extraction, purification, quantitative determination, gene amplification, target fragment analysis and detection, plasmid construction, bacterial transformation, cell transfection and screening, gene expression detection and analysis, etc.

Main instruments:

image.png   image.png

                超微量分光光度计                                               恒温摇床

image.png   image.png

               低温高速离心机                                               恒温孵育箱

image.png       image.png

                    恒温水浴锅                                                  磁力搅拌器

image.png         image.png

                 智能破碎仪                                                      超声破碎仪